CAHIIM Student Verification Program


CAHIIM offers a student verification program as a way to recognize proficiency and verify that a student has graduated from an accredited program.

The verification program serves as a way for CAHIIM to connect with new graduates early in their careers, and through those graduates, strengthen our connection to industry while providing a way for those graduates to help drive educational standards in their fields of practice.


Benefits of Verification

For a one-time, application fee, student verification offers the following benefits:

  • Employers can quickly verify your graduation from an accredited program
  • Attain recognition of established industry competence your degree field
  • Find out about exclusive opportunities to strengthen your resume through continuing education offerings, as well as volunteer opportunities with the potential to help guide development of accreditation standards for your industry

Application Requirements

Application Fee: $20.00

Applicants must be graduates of CAHIIM-accredited programs, who attended the program while it was accredited or in candidacy status.

Applicants will need to upload any official supporting documents that verifies the degree granted.

Examples of supporting documents include the following:
  • The completed student verification form. The blank form can be downloaded here and must be signed by the Program Director,
  • Copy of your degree,
  • Signed verification from your school's registrar's office.
If you have received academic honors or distinctions, such as Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude, during your academic journey, please include the supporting document(s) verifying those honors or distinctions.

* Documents must be de-identified and any confidential data (such as social security number, student ID, etc must be removed prior to uploading the document).