HI Accreditation Council Members

The HI Accreditation Council (HIAC) makes recommendations on program reviews through established processes. They review and revise the HI Accreditation Standards (at least every five years) in conjunction with the Board. They abide by the core values and code of conduct for CAHIIM decision-makers and contribute to the CAHIIM year-end summary. The HIAC oversees the Peer Reviewers who serve the Council by establishing and maintaining a set of qualifications for Peer Reviewers, approving appointment of new Peer Reviewers, and reviewing site visitors and program evaluations.

The Council holds at least one face-to-face meetings annually and monthly conference calls to handle the caseload of reviews.

Qualifications of Council Members


  1. Demonstrated experience as an educator with proven educational leadership. 

  2. For a practitioner, has served as adjunct faculty or educational program advisory board member in the discipline represented by the Accreditation Council.

  3. Hold a terminal degree in the field related to the Council’s scope of accreditation.

  4. Exhibit exemplary ethical and legal behavior.

  5. Employment severance with the Member organization

  6. Past service as a director of any Member Organization’s Board of Directors or similar body.

  7. Agreement to abide by CAHIIM’s requirements concerning confidentiality, conflicts, dualities, and fiduciary responsibility.

  8. Agreement to abide by the core values and code of conduct for CAHIIM decision-makers.

  9. No concurrent service that would represent a conflict of interest to CAHIIM.


  1. Innovative.

  2. Collaborative.

  3. Demonstrated broad knowledge base in the discipline.

  4. Possessing excellent oral and written communication skills.

  5. Graduate or terminal degree, doctoral degree preferred.

  6. Past experience with other groups that complement CAHIIM’s activities, such as a certification board for the discipline represented.