The CAHIIM APAR data report contains Excel worksheets that can be viewed and used to create reports for HIM undergraduate programs, with data collected from APAR reporting. 

 The APAR Workbook includes a description of the worksheets, as well as  worksheets with program data that can be aggregated or sorted by education level, region, enrollments, graduates, certification scores, curriculum, credit hours and other data fields. The workbook contains four reporting periods – APAR 2017, APAR 2018, APAR 2019 and  APAR 2020

Each program reporting to APAR has been given a CAHIIM APAR program code to de-identify the program in this workbook. This program code is not to be confused with the Education Program Code (EPC). If a program director is interested in finding out the APAR code for their program, please submit a request via your .edu email address along with your EPC code to CAHIIM staff at and we will send you your APAR program code.

2020 APAR Data Report (XLSX)

HIM APAR Dashboard

Using the publicly-available CAHIIM HIM Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR) dataset, Dr. Susan H Fenton and Tabbitha Fagin, from the University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics, have developed a dashboard to help program directors discover how to compare their programs to others.

HIM APAR Dashboard

Note: Health Informatics programs are not included in the dashboard, due to the lack of data resulting from the lower number of accredited HI programs.