Peer Reviewers

Accreditation Peer Reviewers are the essential basis of the CAHIIM program accreditation assessment process. Peer reviewers are academic professionals that are associated with CAHIIM Accredited programs. Peer Reviewers are designated as representative of either the Health Informatics or the Health Information Management professions. They are trained by or obtaining sufficient information to understand the total educational program and to ensure the quality of the program’s stated philosophy, goals, objectives and curriculum with the established Accreditation Standards. Trained Reviewers are dedicated volunteers and through their role provide a service in verifying program information on the operations and performance of all Accreditation Standards. The peer review team will report all findings during the site visit to either the Health Information Management Accreditation Council (HIMAC) or the Health Informatics Accreditation Council (HIAC), based on the program and program level they are reviewing.

Requirements for Peer Reviewers

Peer Reviewers must be able to travel across the country, have excellent written and interpersonal communication skills, good time management skills, flexibility, demonstrate good team leadership, and have access to a laptop or tablet computer. A valid driver’s license is required for this position. Reviewers are required to conduct two site visit reviews per calendar year if sites are available.

HIM Peer Reviewer Qualifications

  • The professional credential of RHIT or RHIA – Master’s degree is preferred, but not required.

  • Minimum of 3 years teaching and/or program director experience in a CAHIIM Accredited program.

HIM Peer Review Brochure

 HI Peer Reviewer Qualifications

  • A doctoral degree in any field is preferred.

  • Minimum of 3-5 years teaching and/or program leadership experience in a Health Informatics program.

HI Peer Review Brochure

Submitting Your Application

To apply to be a peer reviewer, make sure to submit a completed application in the field in which you qualify and your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. 

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