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 CAHIIM strives to provide the public with effective and consistent quality monitoring of academic degree programs in health information management (HIM) and health informatics (HI) through maintenance of accreditation policies and processes. We provide tools for assessing continuous quality improvement through our partnership with colleges and universities, our voluntary peer review process, and annual program monitoring as various means to continuously improve the quality of health information management and health informatics education to meet healthcare workforce needs.

In addition to degree programs in Health Informatics and Health Information Management, CAHIIM offers other types accreditation/approval as well, such as certificates (click here for information about certificate accreditation).


Health Informatics (HI)

Health informatics is an interprofessional specialty that exists at the confluence of three major domains: health, information science and technology, and social and behavioral science. As with all other health professions, health informatics is the practice of using data, information, and knowledge for clinical care, scientific inquiry, decision making, and problem solving to improve the health, safety, and effectiveness of those working and being cared for within the system of health care delivery.

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Health Information Management (HIM)

Health information management is the practice of managing medical information vital to providing quality patient care, sound fiscal management of medical resources, and data governance supporting confidentiality of patient records. Management of this data includes acquisition, analysis, and protection of digital and traditional types of information.

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Accreditation Process Systems

CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS)

The CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS) is the online tool used by CAHIIM to process applications, initial accreditations, continuing accreditations and progress reports. The CAS system holds all program uploads, discussions, communications, and responses for all CAHIIM Standards at every program degree level – HI or HIM.

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Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR)

CAHIIM routinely monitors program performance, outcomes and changes for continuous quality improvement. To maintain Continuing Accreditation status, CAHIIM Accredited programs are required to provide an Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR) using the APAR Online System.


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