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CAHIIM has several opportunities to get involved. HI and HIM professionals and educators may wish to serve on the Board of Directors, one of the Accreditation Councils, or as a peer reviewer. We also welcome the public to serve on our Board of Directors.

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Volunteer with CAHIIM

There are many opportunities for you share your expertise with CAHIIM:  Peer Reviewer, Council Member, or Board of Directors. Volunteer today!

What it means to be a:

Peer Reviewer     Board Member     HI Council Member     HIM Council Member

Peer Reviewers

Accreditation Peer Reviewers are the essential basis of the CAHIIM program accreditation assessment process. Peer reviewers are academic professionals that are associated with CAHIIM Accredited programs. Peer Reviewers are designated as representative of either the Health Informatics or the Health Information Management professions. Trained Reviewers are dedicated volunteers and through their role provide a service in verifying program information on the operations and performance of all Accreditation Standards to ensure the programs meet or exceed these high quality standards.

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Board of Directors


The CAHIIM Board of Directors consists of ten Directors and two Public Members.  CAHIIM's accreditation practice is governed by the Board of Directors. The Board is charged with developing accreditation standards, and then assessing whether the programs meet these standards. The Board is responsible for the accreditation of programs, and, in conjunction with the Accreditation Councils, the Board establishes and maintains accreditation standards, policies, and procedures for accreditation of educational programs in the health informatics and health information management professions.

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Council Members

HI Council Member

The HI Accreditation Council (HIAC) makes recommendations on program reviews through established processes. They review and revise the HI Accreditation Standards in conjunction with the Board. They abide by the core values and code of conduct for CAHIIM decision-makers and contribute to the CAHIIM year- end summary. The HIAC oversees the Peer Reviewers who serve the Council by establishing and maintaining a set of qualifications for Peer Reviewers, approving appointment of new Peer Reviewers, and reviewing site visitors and program evaluations.

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HIM Council Member

Members of the Health Information Management Accreditation Council (HIMAC) evaluate HIM programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and master degree levels and offer recommendations on accreditation to the CAHIIM Board of Directors.   The Council reviews and revises the HIM standards for accreditation every five years.  HIMAC members work on various projects, collect data related to the growth and future of HIM education and educators, offer a presence at various professional meetings, and are dedicated to maintaining the quality of all HIM programs.   The Council holds at least one face-to-face meeting each year, and participate in monthly virtual conference calls.


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